Lash and Brow Extensions


I have only had lash extensions once before and it was far from glamorous. I got them done in Bangkok at the start of my Holiday to feel pretty without any makeup but was left with plastic, clumpy, scratchy, ugly lashes. Which was not what I had in mind. I had heard a lot of horror stories about them being done by dodgy technicians and have had a lot of my clients come to me with terrible experiences asking where do I recommend, so I went on a hunt to see if I could find somewhere good. I was super nervous to give eyelash extensions another go so made sure this time to do lots of research. I heard great recommendations about Jayde from Sydney Lashes and once we met and discussed her safety procedures and products I felt assured that I had come to the right place.

With over a 100 different types of lashes to choose from I let Jayde design a custom set for me as I wanted both thickness and curl. To achieve this Jayde used classic silk lashes combined with the latest innovation in the lash world; volume lashes (aka 3D lashes). They are soft, lightweight, natural looking and totally gorgeous.

To complete the look I also tried eyebrow extensions. This was something I had never even heard about before and I have to admit that my brows are generally pretty good but these made them perfect. They filled in a few little gaps that were patchy and gave my brows more definition. Unlike the lashes it's probably not something I would get done every two weeks but definitely for a special occasion. It would be a great idea for anyone who has over plucked or has patchy areas like me, or if you are wanting a fuller brow look.

So far I love my lashes and am totally hooked. I love knowing that with these new lightweight lashes I'm not damaging my own at all and can just wake up in the morning and feel beautiful. Make sure to research well before getting extensions done and get a trial with your chosen technitian at least a month before your Wedding to see how they go. You can have your cake and eat it too ;-)