Bridal Beauty Timeline


You’ve booked the venue, chosen your photographer & found the perfect dress – so what’s next? It’s probably time to start looking for your hair stylist & makeup artist and create a beauty schedule you can stick to. We have put together a comprehensive bridal beauty timeline that will give you a good idea of what to do and when. While all the items on this timeline are optional (remember – we are all unique!), most of us want to look our absolute best before getting married. So grab your diary and start scheduling!

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8 Months before the Big Day

We would seriously recommend that you avoid crash dieting before your wedding. Start a fitness and nutrition plan now and you will be sure to look healthy and glowing on the big day. Eight months out is also a good time to start taking multivitamin and/or beauty supplements to increase your energy and make your skin glow.

If you’re thinking about a new hairstyle or colour for your wedding day, get the first cut and colour now. If you’re not after a dramatic change, it’s a great idea to add highlights in your hair to give it some dimension. Get this sorted now – if there’s a disaster you’ll still have plenty of time to fix it!

Hair and Makeup by Lipstick and Co


6 Months Out

If you don’t already have a regime in place it’s time to start taking care of your skin with a good cleansing and nourishing routine. Cleanse, tone, target, and moisturize every morning and night! Don’t forget to exfoliate two or three times a week, and use eye cream every day to keep those puffy dark eyes at bay. If your budget allows, then start having monthly peels or facials. Following these steps will give you a flawless complexion for your wedding day.

Six months out you should also begin researching the different hair and makeup providers in your region. Contact all the ones who suit your style to see if they're available for your wedding date. Once you have decided on your favorite, book them and immediately set up appointments for your wedding day and trial. Its best to do your trial 1 month before the wedding, this way your hair will be a similar length and you should have a pretty good idea of the style you want.

Hair and Makeup by Lipstick and Co


3 Months until the Wedding

Get your brows professionally done so that you have the perfect shape to frame your face. Book another appointment for the weekbefore the wedding.

Visit your dentist to get your teeth whitened or start an at home teeth whitening routine. It’s best to go do this now so they aren’t too sensitive on your wedding day.

If you’re going to get a spray tan, book one in now for a test run. If you’d rather use a gradual tanning moisturizer, start incorporating it into your daily skin routine now. And, of course, make sure you wear lots of sun block when outdoors to avoid those awkward tan lines.

2 Weeks Away

Have your hair trimmed and a touch up done to your colour. This will allow time for it to settle while still looking fresh.

Think about what nail color you'll wear and book an appointment at a nail salon. We recommend that you buy your colour just in case the salon you go to doesn't have it in stock on the day.

Hair and Makeup by Lipstick and Co


The Week before the Wedding

Have your final pre-wedding facial, peel, etc... But only have one this close to the wedding if you've been doing it regularly and you know it will not cause irritation. You don't want to be dealing with a rash or breakout this close to the wedding!

Get your brows professionally shaped again. Pluck any stray hairs yourself in the days leading up to the wedding.

Do a deep-conditioning treatment at the salon or your home for softer, shinier hair.

If you’re planning on having professional waxing done, now is the time – you don’t want to have any last minute skin irritations.

The Day Before

Go get your spray tan done. Don't spray tan the morning of the wedding as it looks best a day old and you don’t want the colour to rub off on your dress!

It’s also time to enjoy your manicure and pedicure. A lot of mobile makeup companies can come to you the night before to do them. You and your bridesmaids could have a fun girly pamper session!

Remember to drink lots of water to help keep your skin hydrated, clear and glowing.

Hair and Makeup by Lipstick and Co


On Your Wedding Day

Wear a robe or button-up shirt while getting your hair and makeup done so that it can be easily removed without spoiling or getting caught on anything. And now you’re ready to go and have the most amazing time with the love of your life, close friends, and family. Perfect!